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Ramp Tester

Avtech’s CTS-700 ramp test set tests ICAO standard SELCAL decoding systems, HF and VHF radio systems, audio systems, and ATSCALL or DTMF selective calling decoders that reside on the aircraft.  Battery-powered and totally independent of ground facilities, the CTS-700 generates the RF and tone signals needed to activate the system under test.

The test signal transmits directly to the aircraft radio system by incorporating a crystal-controlled RF generator for VHF and HF frequencies, and provides a thorough system evaluation for correct identification of faults.  Eliminating the need for ground radio facilities dramatically speeds the testing and troubleshooting of complex problems.

Housed in a gray fiberglass case, the CTS-700 is available as a system that includes the charger, antenna, and operator’s manual. (An audio output is included for use with bench test facilities.)

  • Tests VHF and HF radio systems
  • Generates 16 SELCAL or DTMF tones
  • Generates 300 to 5000 Hz audio tones
  • VHF and HF crystal controlled RF generators
  • Operates 20 hours on internal rechargeable battery
  • UL/CSA, VDE, TUV approved rechargeable units
  • High contrast liquid crystal display
  • Adjustable audio outputs of tones for bench testing
  • Precision crystal controlled tone frequencies and timing
  • -20 to +50 degrees C operating temperature
  • Weather resistant switches and panel
  • Auto-off timer turns unit off if not used for 15 minutes
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