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VHF Radio Tuning Panels

Avtech’s 7522 VHF panels tune both ARINC 500 & 700 analog and digital radios, affording mixed-fleet airlines part commonality.  One part number for both radio types reduces costly part number tracking and maintenance, while providing spares commonality and seamless upgrades.  Able to tune both 8.33kHz and 25kHz radios, the 7522 offers optimum versatility.

Offered with a full five year equipment warranty, the 7522 series is robust.  Avtech pushed performance to the limit - and then some by using Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT), where ever increasing levels of stress were applied (thermal, vibration, and electrical) until failure.  Once the failure was determined, it was fixed, then sent back to HALT, resulting in a very rugged design.

  • Optical encoders prevent incorrect frequency selection
  • “Spill Proof Design” Passes rigourous coffee spill test
  • A premium LCD driver is used which prevents damage to expensive displays.
  • One part number tunes both ARINC 500 and 700 series radios
  • Can be pin-programmed to tune either 25kHz or 8.33khZ radios
  • Highly reliable, includes a five year equipment warranty
  • Design has be subjected to a Highly Accelerated Life Test to weed out design defects
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