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Avtech CVR Audio Mixers are designed to comply with FAA regulations mandating cockpit voice recorders for all multi-engine, turbine-powered aircraft that require two crew members and seat six or more passengers. Unless audio panels are replaced or modified, Avtech CVR Audio Mixers are needed to sum and route audio signals from microphones, headphones and speakers to the cockpit voice recorder. Proven Avtech audio technology provides “hot mic” biasing, adjustable channels for balancing audio levels, and paired pins to make installations easy and economical. Both single- and dual-station units are available. And, of course, these systems are qualified to TSO C50c requirements.

As CVRs are added to additional classifications of the world’s aircraft, Avtech CVR Audio Mixers will help ensure that systems comply with FAA Airworthiness Standards.

  • Designed to eliminate the need for costly audio system modification or replacement
  • Single and dual channels available
  • Paired pins on the input/output connector allow for parallel connections to audio system eliminating the need for external splicing
  • Certified to FAA TSO C50c requirement and tested per DO-160B categories (C2,B, MN, X,X,X,X,F,X,X,A,A,A,A)
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