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Water & Waste System Control

Avtech’s Water & Waste System Controller (WWSC) has the ability to control all aspects of both the waste system and the water system of the aircraft.  The waste system may be either a self-contained recirculating toilet assembly or a vacuum system, selected via a program pin.   The water system is divided into two functions; the potable water system and the gray water system.

  • The WWSC receives aircraft information and transmits fault status messages to the CMC via an ARINC 429 data bus
  • Twelve discrete pin programming inputs are provided to determine aircraft configuration such as tank size, toilet system type, lavatory quantity and position etc.
  • The WWSC incorporates BITE to detect functional failures which include power supply, ROM, RAM, processor and ARINC 429 errors
  • Software development per RTCA DO-178B, Level D
  • Provides indications and status information to the flight attendants status panel
  • Provides control to external fill and drain valves for potable water system
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