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The Avtech 5900 series of configurable, Display Control Panels (DCP) provides the needed customer user interface to Rockwell Collins 5 ATI series of flat panel displays.  The DCP program, in conjunction with Rockwell Collins 5ATI displays, provides EFIS functionality to standard and “classic”, electromechanical aircraft and allows a single, configurable baseline design that provides a common fleet solution.

There are over twenty five versions of the 5900 series DCPs that all share a common electronic and software core.  The only difference is the custom user interface.  This philosophy of easy reuse has helped make the Collins 5 ATI program successful.

  • Versatile design provides a single hardware and software core for all available configurations
  • Certified on Air Transport, Helicopter and Military aircraft.
  • Military NVIS configurations available
  • The DCP accepts both 28 VDC and 115 VAC 400 Hz inputs for maximum aircraft flexibility
  • The DCP accommodates the following control functions:   16 momentary push buttons; 16 toggle pushbuttons; 4 rotary switches; 3 rotary select controls; 2 pushbutton selects; and 1 cursor or joystick. 
  • The DCP accepts a total of four ARINC 429 high speed data bus inputs and two ARINC 453 inputs.
  • The DCP provides two ARINC 429 outputs and one ARINC 453 output
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