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Legends and NVIS Filter
Legends and NVIS Filter

Avtech is a leading innovator in illuminated displays with years of experience in the design and manufacture of plastic legends and filters for aerospace applications. Our cast legend substrates are manufactured entirely in our facility using proprietary processes, and formulas for each product. Our in-house test labs have all of the necessary equipment for testing Chromaticity, Luminance, Contrast, Transmission, Reflectance and NVIS compatibility.

Avtech’s legends and filters are custom designed for your application.  Contact us for additional details.

  • All plastic monolithic design
  • Illuminated background, opaque characters
  • Opaque background, illuminated characters
  • Sunlight readable dead front surface
  • Custom or standard MIL-Spec colors available
  • Multi-cell, multi-color one piece legends
  • Thickness from 0.030 - 0.250” available
  • Legends meeting your requirements can be designed in conjunction with our NVIS filters for optimal performance
  • NVIS filters standard thickness from 0.004 to 0.015” available in custom  sizes or in sheets
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