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Avtech’s 1826 series DC-DC Lamp Dimmer is a 75 Watt, Pulse Width Modulated DC-DC power supply which provides variable, 0 to 5 VDC, 15A maximum power to the flight deck based upon the setting of a 10K ohm potentiometer situated on the flight instrument panel.

Housed in an aluminum enclosure, the 1826 series can be easily mounted to the aircraft with two pan-head screws through open-end slots cut into the base plate flanges on opposite sides of the unit.  Electrical connections are made through a single connector.

  • Input Voltage: 20.5 to 32.2 Vdc (reverse-polarity protected)
  • Input Current: 3.5 Amps (nominal at maximum output)
  • Output Voltage: 0 to 5.5 Vdc, 15 Amps (maximum)
  • Output Control: Single turn 10K ohm potentiometer, 1/2 Watt
  • Current Limit: Fold back > 16.75 Amps
  • Efficiency:  >70%
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